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Welcome to Aahana!


I founded Aahana Organics in October of 2015. Although I had been making products for private clients for many years, it was time to create a line for everyone to enjoy.  My clients convinced me that you deserved to have the best products available. I agreed. But what did that mean?  When I went to the store, I could find products with acceptable and even organic ingredients. But only “acceptable”? Don’t we deserve exceptional? Why should there be a basic, blasé base formula with one herb or fruit extract taking the center stage? I think you deserve a product where every ingredient is a superstar!  Aahana Organics is just that, your supporting superstar.


Aahana Organics is a topically applied orchestra of fine music with every note perfectly in tune with you and your body.  The daily cleansing routine becomes an introduction, that unfolds a story. The melody begins merging what your body needs and what the product can offer.  Aahana Organics delivers a vast range of nutrients, vitamins, amino acids, and antioxidants to your skin. This offers the body what it needs, a journey to a healthier tomorrow. I give to you a worldly, comprehensive and complex product to nurture you as you walk a new path of health and beauty. I invite you to transform into the best version of yourself. Spread your wings and fly!

— Joy Luria

Aahana products
are 100% FREE of











Retinyl Palmitate

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS)

Sodium Laureth Sulfate (SLS)

Ethylenediaminetetraacetic acid (EDTA)

DMDM Hydantoin

Diethanolamine (DEA)

Monoethanolamine (MEA)

Triethanolamine (TEA)

Imidazolidinyl Urea

Propylene Glycol

Stearyl Alcohol

Benzyl Alcohol

SD Alcohol 1

Potassium Sorbate


Tocopheryl Acetate

FD&C Color Pigments name a few.

The Aahana Difference


Aahana Organics is a wholefood skincare


According to the Oxford Dictionary,

“whole food is food that has been processed or refined as little as possible and is free from additives or other artificial substances.”

Aahana Organics takes great pride in producing a line of skincare that uses whole food ingredients because your skin is your largest organ and it deserves the best food possible!


Organic and natural skincare products are currently available on the market.

Why did I feel the need to create Aahana Organics and what sets it apart? 

Perhaps I should share how it all began. I was with a client one day. After a lengthy discussion, she confessed she was not taking her herbs regularly. In fact, she stated, "If you put them in my coffee, I wouldn't forget to take my herbs!" This single statement got me thinking…


I arrived at this conclusion:

An herbal-based skincare system to support
the mind, body, soul, and senses


I wanted to give my client’s body what it needed while satisfying the mind’s desires. I first created a complex line near and dear to my own heart, Graceful Aging, and then the Illumination for sun exposure. I quickly realized my ingredient list was a challenge. My own sister and nephew couldn’t use either line due to the nut oils. My son’s best friend is allergic to avocado and kiwi. My daughter’s friend can’t use any palm oils. My other friend’s mouth itches and swells when exposed to the Prunus family. Although I truly love my other lines, it was back to the drawing board for my allergy-ridden friends and family. It seemed simple enough to remove the allergens. Ha! It took almost 2 years and another year after that to develop the Simplicity Line. It’s carefully balanced to soothe the most sensitive of people while still competing in excellence against my beloved nut and fruit oils.


My first training was Ayurveda; therefore, I instinctively apply the teachings. A fundamental belief is that we carry the genetics of the last 6 generations. Then, it dawned on me: I know of no one in my family of Eastern Indian descent. Therefore, logically the herbs from my genetically associated regions of the world would serve me best or at least first. It’s equivalent to not speaking a native language. If I was just dropped in a foreign country I would be lost at first, unable to communicate or understand what other people were saying, or know what they wanted from me. In time, I could learn their language and engage in deeper communication. I believe the same thing happens with herbs and their communication in the body. I began looking at the herbs like a single unit of a large, extended family. My herbal formulas take on a life of their own as herbs from around the globe are brought together to create a truly synergistic formula. This not only makes them far more effective, it balances them and allows you to benefit from it all. This approach to herbology exists only within Aahana products as it is a new and creative method.


All Aahana product begins with a proprietary herbal oil made specifically for that product. Each herb is chosen for a specific set of attributes intended to support the formula.  Herbal oils can take up to a month to make.  It can be tedious and cumbersome, but well worth the time and patience! I have one client who calls the herbal oils “liquid gold”.


The herbal oils are then diluted for daily enjoyment with carrier oils, again from around the world, creating highly nutritious serums your skin will love to just drink up.  I handcraft every formula in small batches to keep as close to the original spirit and art of product making as possible.  All the techniques I use are based in the ancient ways of cosmetic making, only updated to our century so we can reap all of their benefits.


Your body is AMAZING at repairing and sustaining when you give it what it needs. Aahana Organics is comprised of harmonious wholefood ingredients that your skin can absorb and use to maximize your best results. We consume food multiple times on a daily basis, so should you use Aahana Organics. The more nutrients you give the skin, the better the results. Just like our stomachs, the skin can only absorb so much at a time. Frequent use in controlled doses/portions is often more beneficial than infrequent over-use.

Aahana is food for your skin, and that deserves your attention.  Meals are often a time of gathering, connecting, sharing and showing love. When you take the time to feed your skin, you are expressing love and admiration for your body. This time is sacred, a holy act of union (with self). Rituals are so important to us, and the place we make for them is sacred.


Use your Aahana Organics products to nourish the sacred space as you perform the rituals of self love every day.

Why Go All Natural?


Embracing the scents of Earth


Aahana Organics uses herbs, carrier oils, butters, waxes and real essential oils that have been carefully selected for the beneficial qualities they impart to the formula. Each ingredient imparts a distinct aroma, some more aggressively than others, but together they all contribute to the luscious scent of the product. 


Embracing an organic color scheme


The color of Aahana Organics products reflects the ingredients.  There are no dyes, iron oxides, or micas used to produce the desired color. Some soaps may have an orange, pink, red, green, or black hue, but this is due to clay, charcoal, or herb.  Every ingredient has a distinct purpose for being in the formula.  Nothing is present for the beauty or color preference.


Embracing whole ingredients for their whole value


Organic and Natural ingredients are often extremely expensive.

It takes 60 roses to produce just ONE drop of pure rose essential oil! 

That means 15 milliliters of pure rose essential oil = 65 pounds of rose petals! 

ONE ounce of pure essential oil = 60,000 pounds of rose petals!



Aahana Organics is  wholefood skincare!


Aahana offers your body beneficial products free from harsh, damaging chemicals …


According to the EWG (Environmental Working Group), the average woman uses 12 personal care products and / or cosmetics a day, containing an average of 168 different chemicals.  Teenagers use an average of 13 products increasing their exposure to toxic build-up. The Aahana Organics philosophy is centered on the belief that everyone deserves familiarity with every ingredient in one’s skincare ritual, to know it’s safe and to be willing to eat it because if you put it on your skin, it’s going to end up in your bloodstream!

Please refer to Skin Deep Database for further information.

“Aahana Organics uses the highest and purest quality of anything I’ve found on the market to date. No sketchy oils or emulsifiers, and everything from ethically sourced and naturally grown beginnings. I believe the superior quality of Aahana’s product is derived from its heavenly ingredients as much as the careful delivery of their healing and beautifying qualities.”


— Jaimie L., Age 27.

“Bad news first… I’m allergic to A LOT from the skin patch test. Not just sensitive but really really really bad reactions to some extremely common ingredients. Bugger!! 100 pages of product to avoid.

Good news… your products did NOT produce a reaction!!! You have a client for life!!!!!!”


— Amy S., Denver, CO.

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