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Soaps and Scrubs



Aahana Organic's soaps are made from scratch in the Ancient Greek style, not a modern melt and pour method. I start with the best oils available and saponify. This naturally occurring chemical reaction, converts fats into soap by treating it with an alkali. Burnt wood ash was used for thousands of years. I use a high grade, purified Sodium hydroxide to produce a solid soap and Potassium hydroxide for liquid soaps. Depending on the soap, I add waxes, butters, clays, activated charcoal, freshly made fruit juices, essential oils and many other goodies. The use of wax allows the bars to be harder, denser and longer lasting.  All of my love is poured into each batch as each one is made by hand in small quantities. Clients report there is simply nothing like them available on the market.

This item contains no animal products and

is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.

Bars may vary in weight. Average is 2.35 oz /66.55 g



Aahana Organic's scrubs are made with super fine sugar, not the course sugars and salts commonly found on the market today. Aahana's scrubs are suitable for the face as well as the body. Massage in a gentle, circular motion. The clays used in the scrubs help to pull toxins out, purifying the skin. The oils protect, heal, deliver nutrients, cleanse and moisturize the skin. Each formula's ingredient's exfoliate, tighten, and smooth the skin through their unique attributes. Choose the formula best for your skin type or try them all! 

Keep a scrub at your kitchen sink. Your hands will be thoroughly cleaned without the harsh drying effects left behind by detergent soaps. 

Use Aahana scrubs to clean your cast iron. The oils will keep it perfectly cured.

This item contains no animal products and

is suitable for vegetarians and vegans.



“For a facial bar soap the Gentle Rose Soap from Aahana Organics is the best I have ever found! It does not strip your face of natural moisture and does not leave your face feeling dry.  It’s the perfect bar soap cleanser to use day or night and leaves you with a clean, dewy feeling to your skin to start or end the day.” ~ Dawn B., Parker, CO, Age 45.

“I am hooked on Aahana! The soaps actually moisturize your skin and smell divine!”  ~ Yaffa Y., Fisher Island, FL, Age 35.

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