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Choosing your daily skincare routine (Dinacharya)

Updated: Nov 30, 2018

"In Ayurveda, we have a principle practice referred to as Dinacharya, dina = day and acharya = behavior. It is a daily routine intended to create and maintain balance. It includes cleansing, massage, exercise, eating, study, meditation, yoga, sleep and more. Adhering to a daily routine is believed to support conscious living. Aahana Organics was created to support your dinacharya practice of cleansing and caring for your skin, the largest organ of your body. In this pamphlet, the face is specifically addressed using the products from the Simplicity Line. It was created to avoid allergies including the nuts, palm fruits, as well as mango, papaya, and the Prunus Family including Almond, Apricot, Peach, Plum and Cherry. My creation provides a line of skin care products the majority of people are able to use and enjoy.

If you do not have allergies, you may prefer the Graceful Aging Line which includes, among others, the highly nutritious nut oils. On the contrary, should you have an allergy that is not addressed and would like to use Aahana Products please contact me directly.

The Aahana Daily Routine is based on the traditional Ayurvedic Dinacharya and uses 5 steps: Cleanse, Exfoliate, Hydrate, Replenish and Protect. Although the above chart is the traditional regimen, I realize most people DO NOT perform all five steps daily. Don’t forget to store those infrequently used products in the refrigerator.

I encourage you to experience them all, find what works for you, and enjoy!"

Joy Luria, Founder and Formulator

Choosing your Routine (Dinacharya)

I encourage you to recognize the purpose of each step in Dinacharya and then find the routine that best suits your skin for your lifestyle and environment. When it comes to an individual there is no right or wrong per say, but rather what works for you. The routine that brings out your best skin is all that matters.

I view the body as the house you live in. Some people vacuum while others sweep. Some use only vinegar water when they mop and others a stronger more protective varnish. It greatly depends on the material they're cleaning. So what kind of skin do you have and what kind of environment is it up against? Be honest and loving in your process. Get to know yourself. These acts are a form of yoga, a bonding between you and your body, a way of communicating and showing love. Take this time out of your busy daily schedule to focus and love you. You deserve it!

That being said, many of you may be thinking "but I do use Botox" and "I am having a face lifting surgery" so.... so what? I did not create this line to sit in judgment. It's not who or what I'm about. This skin care line was created to support and love you. It's okay if you use Botox. You still need to cleanse and moisturize your face. If you begin using the Aahana masks as you see the Botox wearing off, you might find you don't need to continue with the Botox or can lengthen the time between visits. Any which way is fine. And as far as surgery goes, hopefully your surgeon can create the look you want, but in time it all begins to sag and fall again. After the surgery, Aahana can help you maintain your look longer by providing the body what it needs to stay looking younger longer. Aging is inevitable, aging gracefully is possible.

Introducing Aahana to our children and grandchildren, helping them to understand the importance and value of the routine, will push back their need to use the harsher, more intense chemicals and costly surgical treatments to preserve their youthful look. The use of natural products is quite different after all. Aahana doesn't paralyze muscles or just pull and tack skin, Aahana provides vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals to the skin that allow it to continue to make the skin appear youthful. There is a difference between looking like a beautiful 40 year old woman and people thinking the 40 year old woman is only 25 years old.

My clients, who live across the country in all different environments report that some use only the Serum, others only the Cream (and yes, they rub it in), and some use both Serum and Cream. My routine varies by season and location. In Florida, I use only my Serum, but in Colorado I also need Cream especially during the fall and winter.

Tip for Dry Skin: Whether you always have dry skin or experience it only during cold or dry seasons, it can be frustrating to treat. Dry skin needs more oil and more moisture, but seems to shut down and refuse to absorb anything!


“I apply a thin layer of Joy’s Body Oil to my entire body before getting in the shower. I use the steam and warm water to help the oil absorb. I may feel a little greasy in the shower, but I do a gentle massage helping it to soak in quickly. Pat dry gently or allow the body to air dry. Your skin will feel like a baby’s again!”

— Mandelyn McNutt, Enterprise, AL, Age 42


“I pre-prep a spoon with a little Aahana’s Rose Face Cream. After I wash my face, I massage in my cream in the shower for my best results! No more lines or dry skin!”

—Trevin Theriot, Denham Springs, LA, Age 45

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