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The Aahana Organics Difference

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

Organic and natural skin care products already exist and are readily available at almost any store. So why did I feel the need to create Aahana Organics and what sets it apart?

Perhaps I should share how it all began. I was with a client one day. After a lengthy discussion, she confessed she was not taking her herbs regularly. In fact, she stated, "If you put them in my coffee, I wouldn't forget to take my herbs." This one single statement got me thinking and then through a course of events I arrived at the conclusion: An herbal based skin care system to support the body.

My first training was Ayurveda; therefore, I instinctively apply the teachings. A fundamental belief is that we carry the genetics of the last 6 generations. Then, it dawned on me: I know of no one in my family of Eastern Indian descent. Therefore, logically the herbs from my genetically associated regions of the world would serve me best or at least first. It’s equivalent to not speaking a native language. If I was just dropped in a foreign country I would be lost at first, unable to communicate or understand what other people were saying, or know what they wanted from me. In time, I could learn their language and engage in deeper communication. I believe the same thing happens with herbs and their communication in the body. I began looking at the herbs like a single unit of a large, extended family. My herbal formulas take on a life of their own as herbs from around the globe are brought together to create a truly synergistic formula. This not only makes them far more effective, it balances them and allows you to benefit from it all. This approach to herbology exists only within Aahana products as it is a new and creative method.

Each Aahana product begins with a proprietary herbal oil made specifically for it. Each herb is chosen for a specific set of attributes intended to support the formula. Herbal oils can take up to a month to make. It can be tedious and cumbersome, but well worth it! I have one client who calls the herbal oils “liquid gold”.

The herbal oils are then diluted for daily enjoyment with carrier oils, again from around the world, creating highly nutritious serums your skin will love to just drink up. I hand craft every formula in small batches to keep as close to the original art of product making as possible. All the techniques I use are based in the ancient ways of cosmetic making, just updated to our century so we can reap all of their benefits.

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