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The benefits of Facial Massage

Updated: Jan 24, 2020

There are roughly 43 muscles in the human face constantly at work and responsible for facial movement and expressions. Unlike most muscles in the body, facial muscles are quite unique. Most muscles connect only to bones to create the movement of the skeleton, but facial muscles connect from the face bones directly to the skin. So, every time we show an emotion or make an expression, we contract a facial muscle and cause the skin of the face to move with it. All this repetitive movement such as smiling, frowning or squinting can cause wrinkles and deep lines on the face. The stresses of daily life can also cause tense muscles in the face. Tense facial muscles directly affect the appearance of our skin by creating and holding creases, such as furrow lines on the forehead, between brows and along the lip lines. One way to help alleviate the tension in our facial muscles is through facial massage.

Facial Massage not only benefits the muscles but also has a great impact on the appearance of lines, wrinkles and overall health of the skin. When we gently rub the skin, it creates a slight friction; this friction not only sloughs off old dead skin cells (exfoliation), it increases circulation by bringing blood to the surface. The blood carries oxygen and nutrients such as collagen, water, hormones, heat and it carries away carbon dioxide and toxins. The heat warms opening pores and allows Aahana products to absorb better into skin and gives you a healthy glow. Facial massage relaxes and releases tension held by the muscles. Applying gentle pressure in an up and outward direction will firm and lift the muscles, thereby tightening and toning the skin, especially around the eyes and mouth. Massaging the face and neck can also relieve the symptoms of allergies, sinus congestion, and puffiness by stimulating the lymph system improving drainage. So when you are doing your dinacharya, be mindful. Don’t just apply your Aahana products, practice self love and massage your products into your skin.

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LeahTard Wedgie
LeahTard Wedgie
05 mar 2021

Love the insight into the importance of bringing relaxation to the 43 (or so) facial muscles! Particularly appreciate the guidance to practice self love & self massage in application of these products :)

Me gusta
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