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Face Serums
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Rose Face Serum

My Rose Face Serum will soften and moisturize your face while strengthening and promoting integrity. This formula begins with the creation of the Aahana Organics Herbal Oil for the Face. Over 50 herbs are combined and extracted into oil to lovingly support you. The carrier oils are carefully selected for their vast hydrating, moisturizing, and other beneficial attributes. Tremendous thought and consideration went into the creation of this face serum. It took me over 2 years to develop this face Serum formula that is not only Nut Free and Allergy Sensitive, but capable of competing in luxury and effectiveness with the nut oils.  

Rose Eye Serum

My Rose Eye Serum, like the Rose Face Serum, begins with the creation of the Aahana Organics Mother Herbal Oil. This formula is elevated to a new high with over 60 herbs to nourish the delicate eye tissue.  All of the carrier oils in the Simplicity Eye Serum were carefully selected for their vast attributes. This insightful recipe will care for this hard to treat area producing your most beautiful look. For best results use frequently.


“I used  an expensive anti-aging product which made my face fed, flakey and itchy all over and for over a week! I tried numerous over the counter remedies to fix it, but they didn’t work.  Then I remembered Joy’s Simplicity Face Serum.  She had given me a sample when I met her, but I hadn’t actually tried it.  Within a couple of days of using it, the rash disappeared and all symptoms cleared up.” ~ Kim Taylor, FL, Age 45.


“When I moved to Santa Fe, NM from Miami, FL I knew I had to find something to combat the intense dryness especially for the skin on my face.  I used some store bought products with no satisfaction and what was worse was the fear of what was going into my skin.  Then I was introduced to Aahana Organics!  It’s been such a blessing in so many ways. My lines are fading and so are my sun spots! I love the amazing and real results! It’s not faked by a chemical. My skin is actually healthier!” ~ Maribel Lemus, Santa Fe, NM, Age 53.

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