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Face and Body Cream

Rose Face Cream

My cream is the last step in Dinacharya. Highly protective, I use hydrating

butters and waxes to create this delectable treat for your skin. Cream, in the daily routine, is used to create a thin barrier of protection and retain moisture in the skin.

In the traditional Ayurvedic approach only a negligible amount is gently spread over

the skin and is not rubbed in. However massage is very beneficial, so I encourage you

to try different methods until you find what works best for your skin. I live in Colorado and have dry skin so I use quite a bit, rub it in and then follow with a hydrosol shower.

I always do this before bed so my skin has all night to recover from the day. During the winter, I’ll even apply the cream in the shower for maximum penetration.

The warm steam allows the body to easily absorb this nutritious cream.

Rose Eye Cream

My Rose Eye Cream, along with the face cream is the final step in Dinacharya.

It is designed to protect the delicate eye skin. The cream creates a thin barrier of protection. However, some of my make-up wearing clients report it makes their

eye liner or mascara run.  First, make sure you are applying the hydrosol and then

the serum.  Allow the body a few minutes for absorption.  Then with only a very

small amount on your fingertip, smooth the eye cream across eye region.  Gentle massage or a tapping motion will help.  I don’t personally have a problem with the

cream regarding makeup, but if you do, I would suggest using one or the other

(serum) for daytime and then both at night. Finding your best method will

be critical in ease and enjoyment of your Aahana products.


 “I am in love with the Rose Face Cream.  While traveling in India last March, my friend had major irritation to her skin.

I let her use my cream and in 2 days her skin was back to normal and she was hooked! If you are looking for natural,

Ayurvedic based skin care, look no further!”  ~ Susan Swartz, North Bay Village, FL, Age 46.


“The first time I used my Aahana Face Cream, I literally watched the wrinkles near my mouth disappear and my skin flowed.

It’s magic!” ~ Abby Stits, Denver, CO., Age 54.

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