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Hydrosol Sprays

My Rose Hydrosol Blend is a combination of some of the most soothing and rejuvenating hydrosols available on the market today. Hydrosols are the water component of the distillation process and have similar therapeutic properties to their essential oil counterparts.  Essential Oils are considered the volatile part of the plant and are traditionally diluted for safe use.  Hydrosols are by nature gentle, subtle, and hydrating.  Most hydrosols have a mild aroma and due to the water soluble constituents impart a uniquely different scent. 


“Using Aahana Organics products feels like I'm feeding

my face the most nutrient dense, healthiest food

I can possibly give it!”

~ Colleen Maheswaran, Manassas, VA, Age 42.

“I have been using Aahana skin care products for

just over 1 year. I am obsessed! It is hard to pic

 a favorite product, as I love the whole line!”

~ Susan Swartz, North Bay Village, Age 48.

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