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Aahana Organics Red Reef Clay Mask serves as the exfoliator in the dinacharya routine, but in truth, it's my “Line Eraser”. This all natural combination pulls the skin taunt, fades away fine lines, detoxes the skin, shrinks the pores, brings blood to the surface, all while delivering vital minerals and vitamins to the skin. Increased circulation is highly beneficial in delivering oxygen, minerals, vitamins, and antioxidants to the skin as well as preventing the onset look of aging.  I personally, use my mask daily. It is extremely important, as with the soap, that all of the mask is removed. Otherwise, irritation may occur as it continues to cleanse pulling from deeper and deeper. My mask is my only perishable item. It should be kept refrigerated and used within 3 months of opening to avoid any chance of spoilage. If the mask is not refrigerated it will prematurely spoil.

I also have many younger clients that use the mask for pore cleansing and acne control. Since, they do not have any lines and may not like the sensation of the skin being pulled taunt, they simply remove the mask prior to it drying or spray their faces with the hydrosol to prevent drying.


I highly recommend each person discover the method(s) that achieves their goals.
If you have questions or need guidance, please contact me.

Because we do this all day...
...when relaxed it looks like:

Exfoliation Tutorial

Apply Clay Mask evenly and smoothly.
You may wish to lay down or hold skin in place to ensure it dries line free.
The mask may be applied in a light or heavy coat. Smooth application is important. Allow the mask to
dry with no visible lines.
Once completely dry, remove carefully holding the skin in place.
I  use only two fingers under a washcloth continuously moving to a clean section.
It is necessary to completely remove the mask to prevent over cleansing and irritation. Spray with hydrosol.
Redness may occur due to blood circulation. The redness with fade.
The Clay Mask acts as my all natural "line eraser", but does so much more. It tightens, retraining the skin, brings circulation to the area, delivers minerals and creates a general youthful appearance. Depending on what your skin needs at that moment, you may experience always or on occasion splotchiness or entire redness. The redness fades, but if it bothers you, use only at night before bed. Follow your mask routine with Aahana's Hydrosol, Aahana's Serum for Face and Eyes, and Aahana's Creams for Face and Eyes. Now you're ready to apply make-up should you wish. If you use a liquid or cream foundation, you may not need Aahana Serum or Aahana Cream. You may use one or the other. Personally, when I'm in a humid environment, I use my dry foundation (Aahana's Loose Powder Foundation) with Face Serum and Hydrosol.  When I'm in a dry environment I use my cream foundation (Aahana's Cream Foundation).
What kind of skin do you have?
Where do you live?
Find the routine that works for you!
You may book a free 15 minute skin consultation! I'd love to help you 
Truthfully, there are many techniques to achieving your skin care goals. Don't get caught up in how other people do it because there is no per say right or wrong, only what works for you. Learn what you need. There is a technique / routine that will best suit you.
YOU can have loved, beautiful and healthy skin! 
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